2009 Memories

2009 may become known as the year it rained faeries... or rained on faeries. With the Spoutwood Farm festival largely rained out and the Maryland festival often rainy, the wettest June in memory gave a soggy start to the New York Faerie Festival. Warm sun for most of Saturday and Sunday, however, dried much of the mud and raised the spirits of participants all around. Much fun and merriment was had and fond memories formed.

Herewith a sampling of images from the festival:

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Some comments from attendees and participants:

  • Hi! My husband and I were at FaerieFest yesterday. It was wonderful. As we were leaving, walking down the path to the parking field, but before we got to the gentleman playing guitar, we had an unusual experience. My husband was 2 ft in front of me. We both stopped at the same time. I heard voices - bubbly, happy, talking all at once - not a language I've ever heard before and my husband saw blue flowers he said were the color of blue as it comes out of a prism. The flowers disappeared as soon as he spoke. And he didn't hear the voices... So, I'm just checking to see... if we were truly allowed a glimpse of the otherworld. Your land is enchanting and the good feelings of all the humans present would certainly summon the good people to see what was happening. It was our first visit and we will be back next year...
    Thanks - with much gratitude!
    Betzy and Jeff from Hunlock Creek, PA
  • Thank YOu Thank You Thank you!!! What an amazing amount of work you all did. It was hard to tell that it was your first year. The land is gorgeous, vendors were varied and talented, the music was over the top!
    Sending you all a BIG HUGE HUG!!
    Love, Helena Hall
  • hi! i just wanted to write and tell you that my family had a wonderful time this weekend! we came to the fest both Friday and Sunday. and attended the ball Saturday night! we had a blast all 3 days! and we cant wait to come again next year!...
    thanks again for a magical weekend!
  • I would just like to say that I had an amazing time at the festival! My friends and I visited Saturday... We had accidently parked in the wrong parking and got our car stuck in the mud. Everybody was so helpful to make sure we got unstuck. The performers and vendors were wonderful and even the patrons, such as us, were spectacular.
    We will return many times over to this Midsummers Dream.
  • What a great festival! S and I had a great time - very relaxing and just plain fun. I especially liked the constant music throughout the days, with performers repeating (so I didn't have to miss anyone). The "street" musicians were a great touch, as were the goblin lady and the "Bridge" trolls (it was hysterical to see a pack of small kids 'take one of them down' - I hope they had as much fun doing it as it was to watch) I'd definitely love to come back next year - and are there any "volunteer" tasks that I could help out with?
    Many many thanks to all you folks who worked SO hard the whole time to make it happen - you created a wonderful event.
  • This was such a spectacular event. I attended Saturday, the Masquerade and Sunday as well!!
    Please post pictures as there was so much to see, I want to see what I may have missed!!
    positively enchanting- the lot of it
    just the departure from the ordinary that I've been needing
    Karen Shaller
  • Hi- I just wanted to drop a note to tell you that my husband and I attended the Faerie Fest this past Saturday and had a great time. We were there for the entire day and thoroughly enjoyed all of it. The bands were great and the vendors were fantastic as well. I was nearly moved to tears when I saw how beautiful it was there and that so many of the things I dream of were there. I was so impressed with everyone's welcoming attitude and everyone was friendly to everyone. We felt so at home there. Thank you so much for a great experience. We cant wait until next years fest.
    Most Sincerely,
    Charenda Morehouse

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