Summer's End

Friends of Faerie and Supporters of the NY Faerie Festival, You are Hereby Invited to a weekend of co-creative play and Artful Fun. September 13th and 14th, 2013!

The NY Faerie Fest Fall Fun Raiser.

Arrivals Thurs through Sat…
Camping and Field Kitchen Available.
~Showers functioning and portajons serviced!

Enjoy being in the Enchanted Forest and the Abundant Magic of Ouaguaga in High Summer as we share work on the Land play in the water, make art with each other, and Dance to the Live Music of some of our favorite performers!


Our intention in creating this celebration is to foster creative engagement and build support and excitement around our efforts to improve on what’s already pretty wonderful. As such, people are much more important than money.
We have offered the “Suggested Donation” of $55.00 for the weekend. But really, what you have to offer for whatever time you have to share with us is fine. We’re not recording donation details. Your engagement and enjoyment is what will make this effort a memorable party.
Do bring tent and bedding if you wish to stay on site.
Also, bring some food to cook and/or share for Friday and/or Saturday Dinner. (Saturday light lunch and evening dessert provided.)
Bring, as well, festive, and practical clothing, drums and instruments, tools or equipment, gifts and barter goods, and a positive attitude!
Some $$; There may be merchants.

The Weekend will include playshops and work jams such as:

  • The Wonders of Wattle Fencing- w/ Glenn Herbert and members of the Wattlestone FenceArt Team (“WTF are wattle experts”)
  • Habitat for Fae-anity Sylvan Renewal Project - The Making of Faerie Houses with Native Materials…
  • Framing the Magic… Transforming old Frames into Art with paint, found objects, and sculptural(media for possible inclusion in the Faerie Walk of Frame.
  • And Possibly a Giant Puppet Project…
  • And/r video project….

Friday Evening: Bardo Brothers concert at the circle stage, followed by a Rhythm-Ritch Firecircle deep into the night. Saturday Evening: Potluck Feast around/at 8:00ish on the Forest Stage "Frenchy & the Punk” will kick off our Sylvan Dance Party After “Frenchy &the Punk”, “Strauss &Co”(just back from recording in Germany with Stockfish Records) will drive the dance energy, until handing over the stage to the ‘Jessca Star Band...after which we will then round out the night with a short set from U8 the FayFood and a longer one from The Clusterface Jam Band. six, followed by a YFF special desert course and an entertaining, (brief) Fundraiser Auction.
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