Work Exchange Application

We appreciate your interest in helping the New York Faerie Festival manifest its magic! Our dedicated crew assist in building the show in exchange for a reduced camping rate and the feeling of belonging. We need to find out how we can best work together. Please share some information on your interests and abilities for this purpose.

Some of the task categories we need help with are:
  • Parking
  • Front gate - tickets
  • Camp registration/gate
  • Grounds mowing, setup, care
  • Set construction
  • Art and decorating
  • Information/first aid tent
  • Children's area
  • Kitchen
  • Recycling/sanitation
  • Security
  • Operations
  • Equipment setup (e.g. tent roofs, lights)
  • Masquerade area setup
  • Stagehands
We expect about 30 hours of work from work exchange participants. We prefer that you do at least half of that before opening day so all crew have time to enjoy the show.
Can you be on site for production week (Friday before through opening day)?
Can you arrive for work weekends or weeks in May or June?
If you have preapproval from a team leader, please list that in the Crew box below.

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What is your crew?


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