We have a wide range of entertainment planned for your enjoyment.
Many of 2017's featured artists will be back in 2018, as well as some great new musicians and entertainers!

Musical performers for this year will be announced as they are confirmed, beginning soon!
Last year's performers included:

  • Unscheduled Performances:
    Strolling through the Festival, you can see: Ragroot & Treeheart, The Bridge Trolls, Mermaids, The Amazing Trinket, Joffrey of the Cloven Hooved Stilts, Gandersnitch the Goblin Barber, Pixi Thistelily, Greenmen, Wedji Tucheeks, the Bardo Brothers.

  • Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
    (The Grand Slambovians)
    (regional favorites)
    is a band of mythic proportions and legendary status who cannot resist adventuring into this part of fairyland once again. With virtuosity and a love of pageantry, they are a perfect fit.

  • Boom Boom Shake - Drummers and bellydancers, returning to NYFF for the second time.

  • Klaus Weiland

  • Aura Shards

  • Sharon Knight - Internationally touring songstress Sharon Knight and her partner Winter perform a Celtic-Faerytale hybrid they call “Neofolk Romantique." Romantic and fanciful with a bit of rock and roll grit!

  • Brighthawk - brings fantastic stories from faraway lands and shares the exotic melodic rhythms of the Pan Art Hang Drum.

  • Kiva - From Avalon to Narnia Kiva is one of Fairyland's favorite dance bands. We're glad to have them back. (first weekend)

  • Piper Jones Band - pipes and drums and bouzoukis, oh my! (first weekend)

  • Answer the Muse

  • Stara Planina - Bold and ageless and musically effortless, Stara Planina brings a bit of Eastern Europe and Ancient times to our stages. (first weekend)

  • Fahy's Fields - Arbo Doughty and friends. Irish traditional music and song, with the occasional mazurka and polska thrown in for good measure! (first weekend)

  • Sweet Maple Singers (first weekend)

  • Jessica Star - the Fae Rock Songstress, and her band bring music to enchant the modern and soulful tribe of the New York Faerie Festival. Drums, bass, and guitar weave with Jessica's compelling vocals and original music to uplift the spirit. (second weekend)
  • Al Cofrin (second weekend)

  • Elder Flux (second weekend)

  • Maugorn the Stray - This guy knows and plays more music than anybody else. He also runs the Gateway Stage.

Visual & Interactive performers for this year will include:

  • Featuring the Jousting Tournament of the Faerie Queen's Court! - Join the cheering of the crowds for a full medieval joust to award the privilege of being the Queen's Champion for the next six months - until the season turns again. Presented by RoundTable Productions.

  • The Bridge Trolls - They're trolls... with a Bridge.

  • Circus in the Woods - with aerial silks and acrobatics, is a "gateway circus" introducing people of all backgrounds to the circus arts and the benefits and positive impact it has at the individual and group level.

  • Gandersnitch the Goblin Barber - Poetic and wise... for a goblin (reformed). Ignore the wanted posters, he is welcome here.

  • Joffrey of the Cloven Hooved Stilts - is larger than life and more than merely man. Goats love him.

  • Mother Crane - is our own Faerie Godmother of mythic poetry and she has a gift for you.

  • Wiggins Faerie Lore Magician Politician: - Wiggins represents the little people by presenting their magic on his mobile mushroom theater and fights for their basic supernatural rights.

  • The Raven - is a magical creature who will surprise you with eggstroardinary magic and circus skills of a legendary mischievous trickster.

  • Ragroot and Treeheart - Dryads full of the gifts and tricks of the trees of the forest, they love this land and all its trees and leaves and littles.

  • The Amazing Trinket - Simply amazing. Masterful contact juggling and balloon sculpture are not her only skills.

  • Zajal the Sugarplum Faerie - Delights the littles in storydance. Come play!

  • Various Authors will be reading from their works at the Story Tree.

  • The Greenman (in many guises)

  • And others to be announced as they are confirmed...
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